• "The Reference"
    I don't know what else to call Bonzo's "ultimate" 2-Channel system other than the well over-used "reference" moniker. However the term is fitting. Bonzo's partial to planar-type speakers and has chosen the SoundLab M-1 system to fulfill the transducer role. Also including CAT valve amps, a Supratek valve pre-amp, and a Galibier turntable, this is a truly ultra high-end audiophile system.

  • "Surround System Energy"
    The moniker from this system is derived from the speakers that comprise the bulk of it, Energy Loudspeakers. It also contains surround processing by Lexicon and THX certified amplification from Klipsch Aragon. This is Bonzo's realization of a 7.2 home theatre system.

  • "The Soundstage"
    I just made that name up, but this is my two channel system. Featuring vintage Mondial Aragon power, I use Klipsch's flagship stand mounted monitors from their Reference IV series. They're backed up with dual subwoofers in stereo by sourcing them from my pre-amp's second stereo outputs.

  • "Rock Monitor Theatre"
    My surround system is anchored by Bonzo's old pair of vintage ESS AMT-3a "Rock Monitors" as the front L/R mains. It is a 5.0 system because a sub (or subs) aren't necessarily required when you have four active 10" drivers in your mains...

  • "PC Nirvana"
    I spend a lot of time on the computer, being a web developer and all that. Therefore I like to listen to music when I'm on it, and the little spiffy desktop computer systems just don't cut it for me. A vintage receiver and some quality Klipsch speakers make this system rock.

  • "Gaming Synergy"
    Playing video games is something us younger guys are into these days. Back in the old days of synthesized midi-style sound fonts on consoles like the Nintedo, sound wasn't that important it wasn't even in stereo. However now with the PlayStations and X-Boxes of today, which are CD and DVD players on top of their video game hardware, sound has become as important to games as it is with movies. Working with a set of matched Klipsch Synergy series speakers I have set up this gaming rig.

  • "The Nocturne"
    Wouldn't it be nice to fall asleep to great sounding music? Hate taking a chance wearing headphones to bed? Those were the two thoughts that drove me to set up a bedside music system that sounds better than wearing headphones and sounds great too!

  • "Super 70's Special"
    Besides having the ESS Rock Monitors in the house, I also own another set of somewhat "legendary" speakers from the 1970's. That is a pair ADS L-710 monitors. Pair these up with another piece of legendary 70's equipment, the Sansui AU-717 integrated amplifier, and you have 70's retro system that knows how to rock! Another special element of this rig is that it all came from a Goodwill thrift store! The things people will donate!

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