Welcome to the PaladiNet.com home audio site for the PaladiNet site webmaster Paladin, and his father... who shall henceforth be referred to as "Bonzo" throughout this website.

09/05/2007 - Thom Mackris of Galibier Audio was in town on business. He dropped by Bonzo's and the three of us spent an evening tweaking the turntable on Bonzo's "Reference" system (Bonzo has a Galibier turntable, of course) dialing in the sound to get it just so sweet. Bonzo was happy, and somewhat surprised to learn that he had configured the tone-arm and cartridge very near to ideal. Of course, having the opportunity to spend time with a real enthusiast and audio engineer like Thom is always a fun experience. Listening to the stories he has of the niche high-end audio industry are always cool. Hopefully, if his job brings him back our way, he'll have time to stop by again.

08/10/2007 - Well it's been some time since the last update, but this is a good one. I've been given the privilege of borrowing a set of Klipsch Heresy-III speakers from a co-worker and Klipsch uber-enthusiast Mike Colter. These are the newly redesigned model of the original Klipsch Heresy ( A speaker dating from the original PWK designed Heresy of 1957). Though maintaining most of the original design principles, the new H-III contains newer drivers, nd updated network, and for the first time in the Heritage series a Klipsch proprietary Tractrix horn on the tweeter. I had heard these speakers in the engineering demo rooms at work, however to get a chance to hear them in my own system is a huge opportunity. They will temporarily replace the Klipsch RB-81's in my Soundstage system. Needless to say, I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with these babies!

09/13/2006 - It is with a heavy heart that we note the passing of a dear friend, or at least it's indefinite retirement. Bonzo's Phase Linear model AC-400 power amp, which Bonzo originally bought in the mid-1970's, and was currently in use as the rear channel amplifier in his Surround System Energy began sending distorted high frequency "noise" to the rear channels and blew out one of the surround speaker's woofer cones. This noise continues even with no signal applied to the inputs. However, due to this occurance we were able to add a new THX Ultra certified 7-Channel Aragon model 2007 power amp to the system. This will replace both the dead Phase Linear and the Acurus 200FIVE which originally powered the system. This also means that the Acurus 200FIVE will now become my new surround amplifier! Thank you Bonzo!

08/15/2006 - I thought I had a problem with my vintage Pioneer SX-3700 receiver I use for the PC Nirvana system. Now I have a couple other 2-channel stereo receivers that I use for various things, including a real nice old Sansui for the Nocturne system. However I thought something new might be in order. Pretty slim pickings. I guess the bottom has dropped out of that market, and people only want just surround receivers these days. Anyway I did some looking, read some reviews, and settled on a Harmon/Kardon 2-Channel receiver, which seemed to be one of the few decent looking 2-channel models out there. The rest seemed like bargain or house brand garbage. It turned out to be a Mistake regardless. I got this thing and it surely looked the part. Had some nice features for a 2-channel rig, like a dedicated sub-out, pre-outs and amp-in (like an integrated amp), a dimmable digital readout, and a remote. However, compared with the Pioneer it sounded dead. There was absolutely no sparkle in the sound anymore, almost unlistenable. Fortunately I just had a loose wire with the Pioneer and once corrected it immediately went back into active duty. The HK is now sitting on the floor of my hobby room, and will probably be relegated to playing the radio or compilation CDs through my diminutive Pinnicle speakers while I build models. I guess they just don't make decent 2-channel receivers anymore...

03/29/2006 - A pair of the brand new flagship RB-81 bookshelf speakers in the Klipsch Reference IV series became available on the employee store today! It would be bad form to tout the price they offer us, but needless to say I scooped them up. I had been hoping that the older version (the Reference III RB-75) might show up, but I'll take the new version! These will replace the vintage ADS L-710's in the Soundstage system. I'll move those to lighter duty in one of the bedrooms, probably mine.

02/14/2006 - Finally received a pair of Klipsch SWS subwoofers I'd been waiting on for some time now. Took one home and hooked it up to the RSX-5 / Pioneer computer stereo. WOW! This system is now full range and loaded for bear. It sounds so good I'm calling it "PC Nirvana"! Seriously, I can sit and listen to music in front of my computer, insanity I tell you!

01/12/2006 - Since I began working at Klipsch, I had been lusting after our "lifestyle" Reference RX series speakers. Namely the RSX surround / bookshelf monitors. Not just that they look cool but that I had heard they were truly great sounding speakers. I broke down and grabbed a pair of the biggest set, the RSX-5's off the employee store. What a good decision. I took them home and put them in the Soundstage system to see what they were made of. Big surprise, these little compact speakers blow the doors off of speakers 3-4 times their size. Besides the obvious lack of bass these things sound great. I even tricked a friend by bringing him into the darkened listening room, playing a familiar cut, and asking him what kind of speakers he thought he was listening to. He described everything but what they really were. Boy was he surprised when I turned on the lights and he was facing those little guys! I then took them and hooked them up with a nice old Pioneer SX-3700 receiver and hooked the whole deal to my computer. You won't find a better sounding desktop computer system!

09/03/2005 - The new "Audiophile Profile" site Launches.

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