Below is a list of components we own and links to their manufacturers if available.

This list includes ALL the speakers we own.


  • Convergent Audio Technology "CAT" JL-1 Monoblock Valve Amplifiers, Pair
  • Aragon 2007 7-Channel THX Ultra-2 Certified Power Amplifier (Product Info)
  • Aragon 4004 Mk-II 2-Channel Dual Monaural Power Amplifier (Product Info)
  • Acurus 200FIVE 5-Channel Power Amplifier (Product Info)
  • Sansui AU-717 Integrated Amplifier, Vintage
  • Phase Linear AC-400 Amplifier, Vintage


  • Pioneer SX-3700 Stereo Receiver, Analog Tuner Scale with Quartz Lock and Digital readout, Vintage
  • Sansui Model 660 Stereo Receiver, Analog Tuner Scale, Vintage
  • Harmon / Kardon HK-3385 Stereo Receiver (Product Info)
  • Sony 5-Channel Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Receiver
  • Sony STR-D315 FM Stereo / FM-AM Receiver
  • Wavelength Audio "Brick Silver" USB DAC, coupled with a Macintosh Laptop PC as a digital music server.
  • Sony DVP-NS900V DVD/SACD/CD Player (Bonzo and I both have one)
  • Sony CDP-ES...D 10-Disc Cartridge CD Player
  • Teac CD Player
  • Toshiba CD Player
  • Pioneer TX-... AM / FM Tuner, Analog Scale, Vintage
  • Sansui TU-717 AM / FM Tuner, Analog Scale, Vintage
...More listing coming soon!
Please note the following on manufacturers:
  • Though Sansui has virtually left the high-end audio market they do still manufacture a prestige line of valve amplifiers. Details may be located HERE.
  • Mondial Designs Ltd. (The original makers of the Aragon, Acurus, and AmFi electronics) was acquired by Klipsch, LLC. in 2001. Klipsch seems to have discontinued production of Aragon Electronics, and the brand remains dormant.
  • Analog Digital Systems (ADS) No longer manufactures or supports their original box speaker lines, which were a collaboration originally with Braun.
  • ESS as a speaker manufacturer no longer seems to exist (their domain name goes to a speaker parts dealer).
  • Apogee Speakers ended production in the late 1990's.
  • Phase Linear ended production in the late 1980's
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