We feel that a properly configured two channel stereo system can provide the most optimum listening experience.
Bonzo's reference system exemplifies this. With a pair CAT JL-1 mono block amplifiers, a Supratek hand-crafted pre-amp, and a turntable from Galibier Designs engineered by audio enthusiast Thom Makris, and a superb pair of hand-crafted ESL loudspeakers from SoundLab.
Of course we also like to watch movies. That means a surround sound home theatre experience. Components like Klipsch, Energy, Paradigm, Boston, and ESS speakers, Aragon and Acurus Power, and Lexicon and Arcam surround processing make up our systems.


Bonzo has loved all different varieties of music for many years. His love for music goes back many years from attempting to build speakers from card-board boxes to trying to wire up a tape recorder to a TV to record ED Sullivan and the Beatles. Later after college he bought his first component system in the early 1970's Comprised of JVC components and a pair of ESS AMT-3 Heil Rock Monitors, and later Phase Linear power. Now in his 50's, he has had the means to enter into the high end audio hobby within the last 15 years, and after a great deal of listening, researching, and equipment upgrades has compiled the audio system he has today.

Paladin is Bonzo's son. Having grown up around Bonzo's audio system, he has always been interested in quality audio equipment. Paladin enjoys a wide and eclectic variety of music, and having performed with a marching band in high school, Paladin enjoys music and fine listening as well. When his peers were discovering "Nirvana" and "Dave Matthew's Band" in high school, he was discovering not just groups like those who were popular then but also in the past by ravaging Bonzo's LP collection with groups like "Emerson, Lake, & Palmer", "The Moody Blues", "Led Zeppelin" and "Chicago" spun up on Bonzo's old turntable. Paladin has a degree in computer science, and is employed as a Web Developer, but in a fortunate turn of events he does so at Klipsch Audio Technologies.

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